In July Thomas Dausgaard will conduct two works composed by fellow Dane Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmsgreen, Mirror IIand Symphony, Antiphony, with The BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Danish composer Gudmundsen-Holmsgreen, born in 1932 and described in The Guardian as “the composer who finds beauty in absurdity”, recently had a concert dedicated to him by the London Sinfonietta in which they performed seven of his new works. Besides Mirror II and Symphony, Antiphony, other notable works include Tricolore IV (1969) and Triptychon(1985).

Dausgaard, who has recently been named as the new Chief Conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphonic Orchestra from 2016/17, will undoubtedly couple his characteristically dynamic performance technique to deliver a stellar performance of Gudmundsen-Holmsgreen’s works alongside The BBC Symphony Orchestra.