Join Thomas Dausgaard tonight on BBC Radio 3 as he takes you on a musical journey with InTune Mixtape. Thomas curated an exclusive and eclectic 30-minute mix of Swedish jazz, Danish folk, Strauss song and didgeridoo. Listen live on BBC Radio 3 from 19:00 BST on 11 June

Thomas says:

“My playlist was created for Seattle Symphony during the early stages of the global pandemic and was intended to inspire hope, with tracks spanning a wide stylistic and emotional range. I began my life playing and listening to a variety of kinds of music, and the importance of this variety has come back to me over the last years, when creating ‘roots’ programmes; concert experiences where classical music is put into context, beside other music that could have inspired the composer. Many of the performers belong to my childhood experiences – like Gilels, Zecchi, Biege, Norman, Webster  – others have made my life richer just recently – like Harry and Kopacinsky. Being far away from concert audiences and unable to travel for all our exciting projects and music making, it is my wish to share something musically deeply personal like this playlist. I hope you enjoy it!”

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