Zemlinsky: Die Seejungfrau & Enna: The Little Match Girl

Performing with: Inger Dam-Jensen (soprano) & Ylva Kihlberg (soprano); Danish National Childrens’ Choir, Danish National Choir & Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Enna’s style recalls the child’s-eye world of Humperdinck’s Hänsel and Gretel (1893), growing more Straussian and opulent for the drama’s climactic stages. …this performance – virtually a monodrama for the marvellous Inger Dam-Jensen – is excellent in all respects.


An appropriately magical and rewarding disc.

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When the bicentenary of the birth of the Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen was celebrated in 2005, the and its chief conductor were at the forefront with a magnificent musical celebration. This CD release testifies to the meeting between Andersen’s immortal storytelling art and the two Late Romantic composers and , who drew musical inspiration around 1900 from two of the storyteller’s best loved tales.


August Enna

Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne (The Little Match Girl) (1897)

1. Prelude 5:28
2. Chorus: Hvilken trængsel, hvor man larmer! (Oh what thronging, and what noises!) 1:54
3. Marie: Køb blot et bundt! (Buy but one box!) 4:49
4. Marie: Åh, hvor jeg dog fryser (Oh, how I am shivering!) 3:04
5. The Young Lady: Pandeben, godt det gror (Little brow, tiny now, But in time ’twill spread and grow) 2:11
6. Marie: Åh nej, åh nej, nu gik det bort (‘Tis gone, ’tis gone, the lovely dream!) 1:03
7. Chorus. The Watchmen: Hør vægter, klokken er slagen tolv! (Hear ye, people, just has the clock struck twelve!) 1:52
8. Marie: Nu gik de bort! Oh, tag mig med! (Now they’ve gone away! Oh take me with you!) 2:03
9. Chorus. Marie and children: En, to, tre, nu skal I bare se! (One, Two, Three, now you shall see!) 1:43
10. Marie: De mange lys blev pustet ud (The many lights, they’ve all gone out) 2:55
11. Marie: Mor! – Mor! – Hvor er du henne? (Mother! Mother! Where art thou, mother?) 6:07
12. Chorus: Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå (The Christ-child in the manger lay) 1:56

Alexander von Zemlinsky

Die Seejungfrau (1902-03)

13. I. Sehr mässig bewegt 14:26
14. II. Sehr bewegt, rauschend 12:32
15. III. Sehr gedehnt, mit schmerzenvollem Ausdruck 13:08