Langgaard: Symphony No. 1 ‘Klippepastoraler’ (Pastoral of the Rocks)

Performing with: Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR

Dausgaard who keeps this gigantic ship securely on course.
BBC Music Magazine


Rued Langgaard completed his first symphony at the age of just 17. No Danish composer had hitherto written such an ambitious, demanding, long symphony, and indeed it was described as unplayable. But in 1913 it was given its first performance with great success by the Berlin Philharmonic under Max Fiedler. Langgaard’s models were Tchaikovsky, Wagner and Bruckner, but the work exhibits striking, original features and offers a rich journey from the foot of the mountain where the surf breaks against the rocks until one reaches the magnificent, wide view at the summit.


Symphony no. 1 “Klippepastoraler” (“Mountain Pastorals”) BVN 32
1. I. Brændinger og Solglimt (Surf and Glimpses of Sun). Maestoso 
2. II.Fjeldblomster (Mountain Flowers). Lento 
3. III. Sagn (Legend). Lento misterioso 
4. IV. Opad Fjeldet (Mountain Ascent). Marcato 
5. V. Livsmod (Courage). Maestoso allargando – Entusiactico maestoso