Langgaard: Symphonies Nos. 6-8

Performing with: Danish National Radio Choir, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra


Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) was a strange and lonely figure in Danish music. His 16 symphonies represent a thoughtful, original contribution to the history of the genre – on the border between romantic idealism and beauty on the one hand and the doubt, disintegration and meaninglessness of the modern world on the other. The works on this CD show the sudden break in Langgaard’s music between Symphony No. 6 – a great expressionist work in Danish music – and its two very retrospective successors, which constitute the composer’s demonstrative and violent counter-attacks on the neoclassical trend of the 1920s.


Rued Langgaard

Symphony no. 6 “Det himmelrivende” (The HeavenRending), BVN 165 (191920, rev. 192830)
1. Thema (Versione I) 3:15
2.Thema (Versione II) 1:47
3. Var. I (Introduzione) 1:44
4. Var. II (Fuga) 2:18
5. Var. III (Toccata) 2:29
6. Var. IV (Sonata) 6:22
7. Var. V (Coda) 3:47

Symphony No. 7 (version 1926), BVN 188 (192526)
8. I. Maestoso fiero 2:35
9. II. Allegro moderato maestoso 6:45
10. III. Scherzoso grazioso 3:04
11. IV. Fastoso allegro 3:59

Symphony No. 8 “Minder ved Amalienborg”, BVN 193 (192628, rev. 192934)
For chorus with tenor solo and orchestra
12. I. Maestoso pomposo 4:32
13. II. Molto vivace 3:59
14. III. Molto elegiaco Allegro maestoso serioso (tenor solo: Lars Pedersen) 4:14
15. IV. Finale: Moderato sostenuto Allegro moderato festivo 6:02