Beethoven – Complete Orchestral Works Volume 7

Performing with: Boris Berezovsky (piano); Swedish Chamber Orchestra Örebro

Best of the Year for 2006
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Beethoven’s violin concerto for piano

Starting the second half of our great Beethoven series, Boris Berezovsky returns with the Fourth Piano Concerto and Beethoven’s own version of the Violin Concerto arranged with the piano as the solo instrument. Boris’s earlier contributions to the series have been very well received indeed, and the Russian virtuoso has more up his sleeve.

Beethoven’s editor Muzio Clementi (yes, the one with the sonatinas…) persuaded him to make a transcription of the violin concerto with the piano as solo instrument when making an agreement for publishing in England. The reasoning behind this request was simply to get more performances of the work, as piano concertos was by far the most popular genre at the time. In fact, we owe it to this transcription that we have a cadenza for this concerto, as Beethoven made one for first movement of the piano version, while leaving it out in the original.


Beethoven: Piano Concert No 4 In G minor
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante Con Moto
3. III. Rondo. Vivace

Beethoven: Piano Concerto In D Major
4. I. Allegro
5. II. Larghetto
6. III. Rondo (Allegro)