On a sunny weekend in Glasgow, Dausgaard’s Composer Roots programme took centre stage at City Halls, according to The Herald’s Keith Bruce.

Mr Bruce was full of praise for the BBC singers and young pianist Behzod Abduraimov – “still in his twenties but with a formidable performing career already.”

Mr Bruce continues, “Dausgaard’s intention was to show what all of Rachmaninov’s work owed to the ancient chants of the Russian Orthodox Church, so the afternoon had begun with the singers processing the length of the balcony singing those as a prelude to what became a stunning performance of the Piano Concerto No.3. The theatre of that opening had the musical effect of mesmerising restraint in the opening movement, carefully maintained as Dausgaard paid tellingly close attention to both soloist and his strings. Technically Abduraimov was superb…”

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