Mr Dausgaard’s latest recording with The Swedish Chamber Orchestra, after a series of recordings featuring the works of Schumann and Schubert, contains three of Mendelssohn’s four celebrated concert overtures.

Peter Quantrill of Gramphone writes of the recording, “To Mendelssohn Thomas Dausgaard brings the qualities that have distinguished his cycles of Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann, notably a spring in the step, especially on dotted rhythms that lift and sometimes iconoclastically swing into the next bar”

Praise for the work is echoed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Drees of, who writes: “The handling of the dynamics and fine details of instrumentation reveal results that have hardly been seen before in this music”

Finally, Quinten Mourier of Crescendo Magazine states, “Driven by its principal conductor Thomas Dausgaard, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra demonstrated not only an exemplary accuracy, but also a joyful energy.”