“What a fresh, lively, transparent Brahms Fourth this is!” writes Steven Kruger in Fanfare magazine of Thomas Dausgaard and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra’s recent BIS recording. He continues, “[I] find my interest in Brahms instantly revived. The Swedish Chamber Orchestra, 39 strong, has all the nimbleness, individuality of phrase and fire one expects from an ensemble of this size, but also manages to summon the sort of heft one expects from a larger group. This release is shockingly attractive.

“Thomas Dausgaard achieved the same energy, appropriateness, and originality in earlier releases of the first three Brahms symphonies with these forces. Dausgaard manages to make the symphonies sound like the works of a young man, the lively pub-crawling Brahms we meet in biographies but seldom think of when we hear his symphonies. …Dausgaard concludes the program with an electrifying and-dare one say it-joyous Tragic Overture, more exciting than the depressive lumbering accounts one often experiences. …This is Brahms from the edge of one’s seat.”

Read the full review in the January/February 2021 issue of Fanfare.