Thomas Dausgaard’s recent recording of Nilsen’s Symphonies 3 & 4 with the Seattle Symphony  received overwhelmingly positive music critics’ response.

“They are superb performances, Dausgaard’s experience in the repertoire shining through and elevating the interpretations to an exceptional level…What impresses most in these live accounts of Nielsen’s Third and Fourth symphonies is the sheer quality of the playing and recording.” (Europadisc)

The sound quality of the Seattle Symphony has been praised by classical music critics, “There’s an extraordinary depth of string tone, consistently characterful woodwind playing, and lustrous brass playing, while the well-defined timpani make just the right amount of impact.” (Europadisc)

In the interview with Jason Victor Serinus  (Stereophile) Dausgaard said, “I’ve recorded other things by Nielsen, but I’ve felt I wanted to wait for the right moment, and here we are.” Calling Nielsen’s symphonies “the strongest symphonic calling card for my country,” he pledged to bring the other four symphonies to Seattle in the coming years.