Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Dausgaard, conductor
May 2000


Wirén: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3, etc.

Symphony No.2, Op.14
1. Allegro Molto
2. Adagio-Allegro Molto-Tempo I
3. Allegro-Piu Moto-Poco Meno Moto-Tempo Primo-Meno Mosso-Piu Mosso-Meno Mosso

Symphony No.3, Op.20
4. Allegro Attaca Subito
5. Adagio
6. Allegro Molto-Poco Piu Moto-Tempo I-Prestissimo-Poco Meno Moto-Poco Piu Mosso…

7. Concert Overture No. 1, Op. 2: Allegro-Meno Moto-A Tempo-Meno Moto-A Tempo I
8. Concert Oveture No.2, Op. 16: Allegro Moderato


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