Danish National Concert Choir
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Dausgaard, conductor
May 2001


Langgaard: Symphonies Nos. 6 - 8

About the Album – Dacapo

Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) was an odd, lonely figure in Danish music. His 16 symphonies make up a thought-provoking, original contribution to the history of the symphony – on the borderline between Romantic idealism and beauty on the one hand and the doubt, frag-mentation and absuridty of the modern world on the other. The works on this CD show the sudden rupture in Langgaard’s music between Sympony No. 6, a major Expressionistic work in Danish music, and its two extremely retrospective successors, which are the composer’s demonstrative counterblast to the Neoclassical trend of the 1920s.


Rued Langgaard

Symphony no. 6 “Det himmelrivende” (The HeavenRending), BVN 165 (191920, rev. 192830)
1. Thema (Versione I) 3:15
2.Thema (Versione II) 1:47
3. Var. I (Introduzione) 1:44
4. Var. II (Fuga) 2:18
5. Var. III (Toccata) 2:29
6. Var. IV (Sonata) 6:22
7. Var. V (Coda) 3:47

Symphony No. 7 (version 1926), BVN 188 (192526)
8. I. Maestoso fiero 2:35
9. II. Allegro moderato maestoso 6:45
10. III. Scherzoso grazioso 3:04
11. IV. Fastoso allegro 3:59

Symphony No. 8 “Minder ved Amalienborg”, BVN 193 (192628, rev. 192934)
For chorus with tenor solo and orchestra
12. I. Maestoso pomposo 4:32
13. II. Molto vivace 3:59
14. III. Molto elegiaco Allegro maestoso serioso (tenor solo: Lars Pedersen) 4:14
15. IV. Finale: Moderato sostenuto Allegro moderato festivo 6:02


“Thomas Dausgaard’s disc of the Sixth, Seventh and Eight Symphonies is probably the most succesful Langgaard recording yet made … Dausgaard gets fantastic sound from Dacapo, and Bendt Viinholt Nielsen, the man who knows more about Langgaard than all the rest of us put togehter, adds excellent notes.” – International Record Review

“I can’t imagine any partnership more likely to convince you in these strange pieces than Dausgaard and the fine Danish Radio Orchestra, which plays with enthusiasm and commitment. Expertly balanced and lifelike sound.” – BBC Music Magazine *****

“Overall this collection satisfies for an extremely fine version of the Sixth Symphony – the best so far.” – Gramophone Editor’s Choice

“Outstanding performances” – High Fidelity

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