Danish National Concert Choir
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Dausgaard, conductor
November 2006


Langgaard: Symphonies Nos. 12, 13 & 14

About the Album – Dacapo

Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) was an odd, lonely figure in Danish music. His 16 symphonies make up a thought-provoking, original contribution to the history of the symphony. The three symphonies on this CD were written during the years 1946-1948, although the tonal language is provocatively conservative. Symphony No. 12 is an absurd construction full of autobiographical references. In nos.13 and 14 Langgaard revitalizes romantic aesthetics in a simple, yet emphatically insistent manner.


Rued Langgaard

Symphony No. 12 “Hélsingeborg”, BVN 318 (1946)
1. Furiously! – Distinguished! – Increasingly agitated – Wildly – Like triviel last trumps! – Hectically nervous! – Andante lento – Lento misterioso – Poco allegro marcato – Allegro – Furiously! – Amok! A composer explodes 7:06

Symphony No. 13 “Belief in Wonders”, BVN 319 (1946-47)
2. I. Fairly fast 2:19
3. II. Andante 8:02
4. III. A little faster 3:09
5. IV. Slow – Rather fast) 4:10
6. V. Same tempo (wildly) 3:59
7. VI. Elegant! 2:14
8. VII. Faster 3:47

Symphony No. 14 “The Morning”, BVN 336 (1947-48/1951)
Suite for chorus and orchestra
9. I. Introductory fanfare 2:11
10. II. Unnoticed morning stars7:17
11. III. The Marble Church rings 5:20
12. IV. The tired get up for life 5:23
13. V. Radio-Caruso and forced energy 5:55
14. VI. ‘Dads’ rush to the office) 1:41
15. VII. Sun and beech forest 1:08


“In short, if you’ve been collecting this excellent series then you need this disc. The performances are uniformly outstanding, beautifully played, and excitingly conducted by Thomas Dausgaard, and the sonics are terrific.” – Classics Today 10/10 Review 

“Fascinating and vulnerable music that still has the capacity to surprise and enchant. ” – MusicWeb International

“Dacapo is continuing their brilliant series with music by Rued Langgaard. The three symphonies on this CD were written in the end of the 1940s and here we meet a retrospective composer. Someone who uses the visionary ecstacy to the advantage of creating a romantic music with affectionate melodies and Strauss and Wagner as role models. No. 12 is only seven minutes long, but in spite of that it contains a line of wonderfull ideas. The other two have a duration of approximately thirty minutes and every tone is permeated with Langgaard´s genius. The melody is still as ambitious and the style superb. Dausgaard and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR demonstrate once more their total comprehension of Langgaard. Excellent sound!” – Svenska Dagbladet

“Rued Langgaard…komponerede musik af en helt særlig original karakter og med sin egen indbyggede kraft… Thomas Dausgaard…dirigerer uden omsvøb og sentimentalitet. Til tider lyder det næsten, som om det er Niels W. Gade, der er på spil.” – Magasinet Klassisk *****

“Äntligen rullar Thomas Dausgaards Langgaard-symfonicykel vidare…. Och liksom i de tre tidigare utgåvorna firar tonsättaren nya triumfer genom den stilkänsla som dirigenten och de danska radiosymfonikerna besitter.” – Musik och Ljudteknik

“Stor musik. Udførelsen er, så man tror, man drømmer. Det fornemste orkesterspil, fornem korsang i nr. 14, lidenskabelig, storslået og medrivende. Her er ingen vej udenom: Køb den! Nu!” – High Fidelity

“Sonics are rich and evidence a wide orchestral soundstage.” – Audiophile Edition

“Wie bei den bereits erschienenen Teilen des Langgaard-Projekts, kann auch diesmal das Orchester voll überzeugen.” – Klassik **** 

“Ces partitions plaisantes et attachantes sont interprétées avec beaucoup de passion et de raffinement par Thomas Dausgaard, dont le travail est magnifié par une captation superbe.” – Classics Today France

“Den fremragende optagelse giver næring til overraskende oplevelser.” – Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten *****

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